Dear Wayne,

I wanted to say thank you for your wonderful book! I received a copy and took it home, where it sat on my night stand for quite some time. Last weekend I felt impressed by the Lord to read it, which I did. I cried through the whole thing as the Lord encouraged me through every page, helping me regain my flagging vision and hope for the complete restoration of the relationship between my son and me.

My husband left me and our two children when they were 8 and 4. As the children grew older, their dad and his new wife began to do many things to try to gain custody of the children. It became very ugly, and on two occasions, the children were even taken away by Child Protective Services on false charges and remanded into the custody of their dad and his wife. As a single mom, I was plunged into active court litigation for 2 ½ years, fighting to retain custody. I stood on God’s Word, and He did many miracles. The charges were proven false, and I regained physical custody. However, in the process, my son’s heart was turned against me and has remained bitter ever since. Needless to say, I was heartbroken, but continued to believe God for restoration. As time passed and he grew into young adulthood, whenever I would try to reach out, he would become verbally abusive or was surly and abrupt. He went into the military and was deployed three times in combat situations. Each time, the Lord showed him many miracles of deliverance from certain death.

My son is now 29. Though we communicate occasionally, there is still strain. I have not seen him for nearly five years. It has been 15 years since our relationship was broken through fallout from the divorce. Many times I was so hurt, I wanted to just wash my hands of the whole thing and forget it. But, each time the Lord would impress me: Don’t give up on him!

Then, came your book! As I mentioned, I cried through the whole thing, as your testimony and the encouragement of your story and the others galvanized my purpose to renew my faith and keep believing. I wrote the scriptures you provided on 3X5 cards and have daily spoken them and praised God He is turning my son’s heart. When I finished reading the book that day, dried my tears and prayed the prayers you included, in just a little while, the phone rang. I ran to get it, and, to my astonishment…it was my son! We had a remarkably pleasant conversation which ended amicably with him laughing! I am back on track, now, believing God is turning my son’s heart!

God is so good!


Barbara – Texas

“Thank you so much for your prayers and the gift of this book, Turn the Heart. God answered my prayers with a visit from my daughter. She recently spent 10 days with us. She’d never met my husband (her step-father). She was able to visit with family members she had not seen in 6 years. It was wonderful! We visited grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and became a family again with help of God. I thank God every day for the return of my daughter and for bringing you into our lives. My daughter is coming back this summer to visit and plans to stay a month or longer. She has asked to live with us and plans to move to Michigan to be with us. God is so good.

This is a powerful book that changes lives. Keep the faith!

Lisa C. – Michigan

Hello Mr. Wayne,

I wanted to send you a brief note and say “Thank you” for giving us your book.

My dad left us when I was about 10 and we have had a very strained (more like non-existent) relationship of my life (I am now 23). He had been very abusive, both physically and verbally to my mom all of our lives, and we had grown extremely bitter toward him. We were glad to see him go and wanted nothing to do with him.

He started trying to communicate with me several years ago, but I would not even respond to his texts (my mom gave him my phone number!!!), let alone his calls. I totally ignored him for many years. All the while, the hurt continued to grow deeper and deeper. I honestly wanted him to die, or at least suffer the way my mom and we had. There was a time when I thought death was too good for him.

My mom started encouraging me to at least text him…she said we didn’t have to be buddies or anything but just to send him a text and say hello. I thought hell would freeze over before I ever talked to him again.

Then one day, out of the blue, I see this book on our kitchen bar. One look at the word “father” and I immediately put it down. My mom said “That is really a good book, you should look over it”. I made a face and said “yeah, I’m sure it’s great”. I dismissed it and went about my business. The book seemed to “change locations” every few days until I gave in and “looked over it”. My heart had been so hardened against my dad for so many years that it wasn’t an instant turn around, but it was a small opening. Deep in my heart I wanted to love and be loved by him, but there were just so many layers of hurt and bitterness to peel peeled back the first layer…it was the opening that God needed to be able to do what needed to be done in my heart. My mom sent the book to my dad (without my knowledge). He started texting me regularly, telling me he loved me and would love to see me. There seemed to be a renewed vigor in his attempt to talk to me. Little did I know that your book had encouraged him to believe for the healing of our relationship. If he hadn’t been so persistent in his pursuit, I would not have believed he really cared. Well, after many, many texts and phone calls from him, I decided to just return a text to him one day when he asked me how school was going. I went all out and replied “good”. It took all I had to do that much. Well, needless to say, one text led to another and then finally one day the “phone call”. I was nervous and my stomach was in knots but my mom said if I just talked to him the first time then it would get easier. The first phone call was just “How are you? Good, how are you?” conversation. Long story short, over a period of a little over a year, we went from no relationship at all to meeting for coffee in July of this year. I can honestly say I never thought it would happen. It had to be a miracle of God to change both our hearts to bring us this far.

This has also brought about a freedom that I have never experienced. Mr Wayne, I can honestly say that I am the happiest I have ever been in my whole life, in every area. The relationship between my dad and I is still in the healing process and is not as close as some father / daughter relationships, but at least there is one!

I just wanted to say “thank you” for your book. I know I am not the only one who has been blessed and who’s life has been changed as a result of your testimony. I am extremely grateful to God and to you!

K. E. – Missouri

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